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Set in a tranquil and peaceful area of Westville and Umhlanga , BMS Acupuncture Wellness center is a treatment centre where you can find solutions to your health problems or any kind of illness you may have. We use natural traditional methods of healing, as well as diets that would help you in your treatment. 
Our aim is to help you to understand your illness. Questions such as “why do I have it?”, “how did I get this”, or “how do I deal with it?”, are made easy to understand after the first consultation. Basically, we deal with the SOURCE of the illness and not only the SYMPTOMS. Healing is therefore not temporary, together with our healing process we help you to go into a healthy diet, because we believe that “ prevention is better than cure”.  Acupuncture is a painless and safe procedure which can be administered to children as well as the aged.  
​Please feel free to contact us for a consultation, we will provide you with the best information and service to suit your needs.        


Qualified Doctor of Acupucnture and Chinese Medicine
Regisitered with The Allied Health Professions Council of
South Africa
Registration No: A10487 -AC  A10487- CM
Practice No:282669
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